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Like most I only post in facebook now but last night I talked to old friends who were reminiscing about missing "eljay." One thing I am happy about in the trolltastic land of facebook is that I FINALLY found a group that is something like this community was:
People who train or train others
Experts who exchange ideas nicely
Spam and questions about toning abs getting slammed hard

So "Barbell Medicine" is a group in facebook I'm digging and I recommend checking out. I posted my birthday lifts video on there and got congratulated, form checked, and slammed for calling 50 old. I thought in case anyone here also misses gymrats you might check that group out.
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Two things

(Well, three if you count the fact that I left my Dreamwidth password at home...)

Not happy about what Russia is doing either, but I blame Trump.  ;)

I'm recovering from an appendectomy (laparoscopic, about five weeks ago now), and I've hit a snag.  My abdominal muscles are shot.  Not that they've ever been great, being a middle aged woman weighing over 100 kilos, but this is ugly.  I'm having great success with kinesio tape (two vertical strips for the abs themselves, plus two horizontal for navel sensitivity).  I rode 20km on the bicycle last weekend which is a first for me even before the surgery.  However, I'm finding that my ankles, already a weak point, are taking some of the strain from this and are more easily offended than ever before.

Do you know a way of supporting weak abdominals that will not push the strain downward?  Maybe a different way of taping?  I'm trying to avoid compression garments because they mess up an already touchy digestive system.

Second, I'm drinking a healthier breakfast.  It used to be a mocha or a latte plus maybe drinking yogurt, but I've finally found a decent protein powder to blend with milk, banana, and espresso.  Next week I think I'll get some frozen strawberries so I don't get tired of banana, and because...while the calories for this protein shake are the same as that of a mocha, I find myself getting hungry about an hour before lunchtime.  A Snickers bar in my desk fixes the hungries but is a lot of calories and I can't afford to gain any more weight. Any suggestions for adding fiber to this drink or otherwise keeping the hungries at bay?

I'm certain the added protein/reduced fat made the long bike ride possible, but it is imperative I not gain any weight.